Our focus is on safety and cost reduction – we’ll understand and analyse your risk factors before training your drivers

At the heart of ADT’s expertise is our understanding of the risks facing drivers, and how to manage and so reduce them. Driver training may form part of the risk reduction process, but it is only one of the tools we will use.

  • Risk audits & assessments
  • ‘Grey’ fleet management
  • License and document monitoring
  • Individually tailored driver training

According to the Health & Safety Executive, a third of all road traffic collisions involve someone who is at work at the time. Statistics like this have fuelled legislation surrounding the management of vehicle fleets, and have crystallised the need for the best fleet management practices.

Whether your organisation runs a diverse fleet at a multinational business, a handful of vehicles in a small business, or if you have employees who make work related journeys in their own vehicles (a so called ‘grey’ fleet), you share the same responsibilities for your drivers, and the vehicles they use. In effect, very few organisations, however small, should turn a blind eye to fleet management.

At Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) we understand these responsibilities. Irrespective of the size of your organisation, we can help you ensure that you are operating within the law, that you are fulfilling your duty of care, and that your fleet is managed with minimum risk, and maximum cost efficiency.

We’ll audit your risk factors, help you understand and minimise them, and then where necessary we have a highly professional, nationwide network of trainers. Our approach has been recognised for the fifth time by Brake, the road safety charity.

  We selected Applied Driving Techniques to help manage our work related road safety strategy as they were able to demonstrate a clear risk management approach, clearly identifying our risks and implementing all the appropriate control measures.

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