Why choose us?

A fresh approach to fleet management

Our emphasis is on understanding and minimising your risk factors before we look at training your drivers. Safety and cost reduction are our watchwords.

Saving lives – it sounds trite, but anyone familiar with the effects of a serious crash will know the paramount importance of minimising the risks associated with driving at at work.

Legal compliance – the legal obligations upon employers to ensure that all possible steps have been taken to keep drivers safe are very clear. Failing to comply brings severe consequences, both for the organisation, and for the individuals responsible.

Direct cost redution – as well as the obvious cost of ‘bent metal’, poor driving practices increase running and maintenance costs, and reduce vehicle residual values.

Our driver training schemes will show tangible cost reduction returns in all these areas.

Indirect cost reduction the indirect costs associated with collisions and poor driving practices far exceed the direct costs. Lost man-hours, damage to your reputation, and wasted management time are major factors.

Environmental impact a well run fleet has a reduced impact on the environment.

Reduced insurance premiums over time, fleet managers will be able to quantify the reduction in claims, leading to lower insurance premiums.

  We partnered with ADT as we felt they were able to offer a true risk management approach to both company car and grey fleet drivers. Through their comprehensive Fleet Safety Management audit, ADT work with our customers to understand their risks. Once completed, appropriate, targeted control measures are implemented leading to sustainable improvements in both collision rates and Duty of Care compliance.

Inchcape Fleet Solutions