A Paradigm Shift in Global Fleet and Supply Chain Safety: Introducing a Comprehensive Safety and Compliance Solution Designed to Protect and Respect Drivers. 

Unique smartphone-enabled solution uses A.I. to deliver targeted training solutions directly to drivers.


Today, Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) and Sfara, Inc. introduce a paradigm shift in fleet telematics, creating a comprehensive driver safety solution that can solve driver behavioural problems rather than just diagnose them.

“One of the lingering challenges over the last fifteen years with traditional driver safety offerings is that those products simply identify problems, they don’t help solve them. This leaves the Fleet Manager with the daunting challenge of driver interdiction, training delivery and performance monitoring. Sfara and ADT have integrated their complementary technologies to close this gap,” says Erik Goldman, CEO of Sfara.

ADT and Sfara have partnered to create a new solution that solves these challenges with innovative features such as Triggered Training™.

Triggered Training uses proprietary technology via the Sfara Companion smartphone application to detect risky driver behaviours, such as phone handling, and provide a real-time audio alert to the driver.  Additionally, the application also communicates these “events” to ADT’s system which determines patterns and, when warranted, sends specific messages or e-training modules to the driver from its library after the drive.

Simply put, this revolutionary partnership delivers a risk-mitigating solution to the driver faster than traditional fleet telematics products deliver the problem to the Fleet Manager. As such this allows the Fleet Manager to be more hands-off with drivers about their driving behaviours until they are notified by ADT of an ongoing risk that has persisted despite remediation efforts.

“As much as vehicle safety technology has changed over the years, the single biggest in-vehicle determinant of safety is still the driver. Our intelligent e-training program is proven to reduce collision rates and insurance premiums, while also increasing productivity. And that is without fleet manager intervention. Often, the problem is fixed before they even know it exists,” says Andy Phillips, Global Managing Partner with Applied Driving Techniques.

Driver respect has become a key issue in employee-employer relationships which is impacting driver retention and performance. 

A chief aspect of driver respect relates to privacy. Nearly all traditional fleet products have practices that create concerns for drivers given they transmit and store every trackable and measurable move. Recently, the highest profile privacy issue is in-cab cameras, which have enraged drivers about the lack of respect, causing an industry with an already low employment pool to have high turnover rates and lower job satisfaction.


“All these factors have really made us passionate about integrating privacy and giving driver’s respect as professionals,” says Rocco Tricarico, CMO of Sfara. “Why allow face tracking cameras as a normal practice when there is now a more intelligent alternative that deploys without hardware installs and even has lower recurring costs?”

To solve this need ADT and Sfara now offer a comprehensive fleet driver safety and compliance solution that respects the drivers. It has built-in safeguards that make drivers more comfortable with the technology, hence improving adoption rates and morale. The solution’s underlying approach to managing driver performance and behaviour is based on the principles of “Just Culture”.

Another benefit to drivers comes from Sfara’s patented on-device data processing, thereby eliminating the need for an always-on tracking stream that is transmitted for review and storage.

Only the relevant events are reported, complying with GDPR data minimization. Drivers may also clock-out at the end of the day by going “incognito”; if a trip transitions into a taxi, rideshare or other methods of travel, “drivers” can mark a trip as “non-scorable” ensuring that no data is sent to employers during this period. This control of data flow is in the hands of the end-user.

Applied Driving and Sfara’s AI-based Driver Analytics advances Driver Safety and Road Safety. The result offers a groundbreaking solution to Enterprise, 3PL and e-commerce firms operating global fleets such as Amazon, Federal Express, Kuhne & Nagel, Schneider, Walmart and Uber Freight and their ecosystems partners in Global Fleet Management.

The ADT-Sfara partnership creates a completely new comprehensive global safety and emergency response solution that is complemented by recent Sfara announcements. Sfara’s global partnership with Bosch enables Emergency Road and Emergency Management Safety on highways, even multi-modal and complex transportation environments. Additionally, Sfara’s partnership with Deutsche Telekom’s wholly owned subsidiary MobiledgeX is creating next generation low-latency edge solutions which will save and protect lives on the world’s roadways for decades to come.

For more information, visit the Sfara website or contact us at info@applied-driving.com