Last week we were contacted by the team at 5asideCHESS Battling Suicide Tour ’19 to ask if we could assist with some driver training. As an important cause to many of us here at ADT, we eagerly accepted the opportunity to help assist those who were going to be on the road for the next 12-months.

What is 5asideCHESS?

5asideCHESS is a ‘social enterprise determined to reconnect people in a disconnected world’. They seek to battle the loneliness and social isolation which ‘often lead to poor mental health’.

Now touring the country to battle increasing suicide rates, they use chess as a tool to get people back into the ‘Art of Conversation’.

Driver Training

On Monday 28th January, one of our experienced trainers, Mark Burgess, took Ryan Child out on the road. They started their morning, as our training session often do, with a presentation highlighting the key areas of focus. This includes vehicle maintenance, driving statistics, defensive driving and eco-driving. 

After a quick tour around the bus to make sure it was safe to proceed, the driving duo headed out around Southampton for some essential training.

“Our Applied Driving family is proud to support a cause that is close to our hearts. ADT understands the importance of raising mental health awareness and fully supports our own teammates’ journeys as well as the wider community.


“We are thankful for the opportunity to aid the 5asideCHESS Battling Suicide Tour ’19 by providing what we’re best at: making the roads safer. 


“We wish Ryan and the team all the best on their tour and hope they feel confident armed with the knowledge and skills to navigate the roads safely.”


Andy Phillips, Global Managing Partner – Applied Driving Techniques

The morning’s session was a resounding success with Ryan passing his training with flying colours.

“Mark was an excellent trainer. He was very easy to talk to and get feedback from throughout the day.


“I wanted to do the training because I’m about to embark on a 12 month Battling Suicide Tour of the UK. And also because the bus is a bit of a beast! The day with Applied Driving has definitely made me more aware of a few areas I could improve but, more than that, I learned some new techniques that will mean the bus is in safer hands.”


Ryan Child, Volunteer and Chief Driver – 5asideCHESS

If you would like more information on 5asideCHESS and their Battling Suicide Tour ’19, visit their website here.

For more information on how we can help you and your drivers become safer on the road, get in touch with us at