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Applied Driving Techniques targets at-risk driving behaviour with AI-powered driver app

Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) has launched an AI-powered driver and behavioural safety app that provides the most comprehensive monitoring and engagement tool currently available. Applied Companion, developed in partnership with Sfara, detects and logs at-risk driving events and then aims to correct driver behaviour issues with targeted safety messages, performance reports and Triggered Training. During a 15-month trial of the app, ADT witnessed a dramatic change in driving habits with a significant reduction in speeding (68%), hard breaking (70%) and ...
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A motorway at dusk

Smart motorways: misunderstood or fatally flawed?

Highways England insist smart motorways are safe, but pressure against them is peaking. As of January 2020, smart motorways accounted for around 17% of the motorway network in the United Kingdom. Today, 400 miles of smart motorways already exist, with an additional 300 miles penned for completion by 2025. So if you’ve yet to find yourself driving on one, you’ve almost certainly heard of the concept. The smart motorway, defined Nonetheless, let’s cycle back for a second. Smart motorways, previously ...
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Amey Extends Partnership With ADT

Amey Extends Partnership With ADT To Enhance Fleet Compliance And Support Road Safety Strategy

Amey, a leading public service provider, has awarded a three-year contract extension to Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) for the provision of a fleet compliance and risk management service. This follows the successful introduction of an electronic licence monitoring service for 12,000 car and commercial drivers within the UK and Ireland, which has increased compliance by more than 40 per cent. “We have seen dramatic improvements in fleet compliance, particularly in the last 12 months. We want to build on this ...
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Managing Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) as employees return to work post C-19 lockdown

Dr Jim Golby is Director of Research and Customer Experience for multi-award winning Global Driver Risk Management Consultancy, Applied Driving Techniques. He is also a member of the European Transport Safety Council’s Expert Panel and Brake’s Global Fleet Champions Steering Group and has been involved with Work Related Road Risk since 2004. In this article he highlights the opportunities and benefits for Employers as their staff begin to return to work Post Lockdown.Introduction The coming of Covid-19 has resulted in ...
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The importance of static car maintenance

The importance of static car maintenance

Many people during these unpresentented times of isolation are realising that a car does not like being left for a prolonged amount of time without any form of maintenance being applied. After helping my son and two neighbours get their cars started after being left standing for more than two weeks, the ADT team and I thought it would be a good idea to make sure you don’t find yourself trying to make what could be an important journey and ...
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Car crash dangerous accident on the road. SUV car crashing besid

Drink-driving crashes up by 4%, says DfT

There has been a 4% annual rise in the number of alcohol-related crashes on UK roads, says new Department for Transport (DfT) figures. Provisional figures by the DfT say that in 2018, approximately 5,900 incidents involved at least one driver over the alcohol limit. This equates to 200 more incidents than seen in the previous 12 months. In fact, these figures mean around one in 20 of all reported crashes involved a drunk driver. The central estimate for the number ...
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Respect your team with privacy-focused driver safety solutions

Respect your team with privacy-focused driver safety solutions

Attract New Drivers and Reduce Turnover with Applied Companion, a Fleet-Driver Safety Solution Built on Driver Privacy and Respect Sfara and Applied Driving Techniques deliver fleet safety that respects drivers and their privacyIt’s harder than ever for fleets to attract and retain quality drivers. A leading factor of driver dissatisfaction is often cited as lack of respect, which can derive from invasive fleet management tools and GPS data tracking, both issues of privacy. A joint effort by Sfara and Applied ...
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Sfara Delivers Next-Gen Crash Detection

Sfara Delivers Next-Gen Crash Detection

Sfara Delivers Next-Gen Crash Detection Using an Innovative Multi-layered AI Design: Introducing “Sfara ESP” Technology Sfara announced today the next generation of their patented on-device smartphone crash detection, thereby furthering their industry leadership and the accuracy of their solution. For this next generation, Sfara developed a revolutionary, multi-layered AI process they’ve name ESP for Extended Sensor Processing. ESP performs a post-crash data analysis specifically designed to suppress false positive crash events. “False positives are the bane of the telematics industry, ...
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Nev's Blog: Speed Cameras

Nev’s Blog: Speed Cameras

Nev reflects on the common concerns over speed cameras and shares his knowledge on the obscure ones.'Have I just been flashed by a speed camera?' It's a common thought. Dark mornings and dusky evenings are upon us which only adds to the risk of getting it wrong regarding speed limits, especially on unfamiliar roads. I find that an increasing number of drivers that attend our driver training courses confess to being convicted of speeding offenses. Much of this is simply down ...
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Pinsent Masons and ADT partner up to create 'Line Managers Responsibilities' course

Pinsent Masons and ADT partner up to create ‘Line Managers Responsibilities’ course

Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) has partnered with Pinsent Masons - an international law firm ranking in the top 100 in the world - to create an online course that helps line managers understand their legal compliance and duty of care obligations in regards to work-related road risk.Managing work-related road risk (WRRR) is the law. But it's a law often broken by employers up and down the country. Having a rigorous and appropriate WRRR programme is one of the most impactful ...
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