Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) has partnered with Pinsent Masons – an international law firm ranking in the top 100 in the world – to create an online course that helps line managers understand their legal compliance and duty of care obligations in regards to work-related road risk.

Managing work-related road risk (WRRR) is the law. But it’s a law often broken by employers up and down the country.

Having a rigorous and appropriate WRRR programme is one of the most impactful initiatives a company can undertake. It both improves employee safety and reduce costs. However, many employers within the UK still fail to fulfil their health and safety obligations. This may be due to lack of time, resources and expertise.

Commonly, business drivers are simply forgotten by organisations through lack of knowledge more than willful negligence.

Applied Driving Techniques and Pinsent Masons have paired up the tackle the knowledge gaps that put company drivers at risk every day.

The Line Manager’s Responsibilities course helps educate key personnel as part of introducing – or strengthening – a thorough WRRR programme.

Every employer must carry out an assessment of the risks to the health and safety of their employees, or themselves, while they are at work, and to other people who may be affected by their work activities. This includes any driving activity on the road. The regulations require the risk assessment to be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains valid. Employers should consider the risks to employees on the road in the same way as for those in a workplace.
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

The course helps managers to understand what their legal liabilities and responsibilities are and how they have come about. They will gain the knowledge of which laws apply to them, their direct reports and the organisation they work for.

Those completing the course will also become aware of how important it is to fulfil their duties as a line manager in respect of ‘Driving on Business’ and how to control many of the risks involved.

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