Sfara Delivers Next-Gen Crash Detection Using an Innovative Multi-layered AI Design: Introducing “Sfara ESP” Technology

Sfara announced today the next generation of their patented on-device smartphone crash detection, thereby furthering their industry leadership and the accuracy of their solution.

For this next generation, Sfara developed a revolutionary, multi-layered AI process they’ve name ESP for Extended Sensor Processing. ESP performs a post-crash data analysis specifically designed to suppress false positive crash events.

“False positives are the bane of the telematics industry, regardless of hardware implementation technique,” said Rocco Tricarico, CMO of Sfara. “False positives are when no accident occurred, but the solution detects one anyway. False positives destroy consumer trust, introduce unnecessary cost, create legal exposure, and can even be dangerous to the end user.”

Sfara successfully started detecting crashes in 2013, at speeds well below the point where airbag sensors deploy. However, some challenges remained. “The problem with detecting crashes in the lower speed bands is that the forces at work are weak and occur in a noisy sensor environment.” said Erik Goldman, CEO of Sfara.

Sfara has addressed this industry problem by developing a second layer to its AI that is specifically trained to eliminate false positives. This revolutionary second-layer AI starts performing its work milliseconds after a crash has been detected by the first layer and is designed to suppress false positives across all speed bands.

Sfara has carefully and purposefully built an industry leading crash detection model, built on the back of collecting thousands of data samples from live crash events and millions of labeled data sets from drivers, fusing predictive deterministic physics with state-of-the-art AI.

“We’ve continually improved our crash capability through five years of R&D, including rigorous field and lab tests conducted in collaboration with prestigious universities. Our performance results have also been confirmed by leaders in the auto industry,” said Sascha Simon, Founder and Chief Scientist. “The introduction of ESP is an evolutionary moment for the telematics industry, and a small taste of things to come from Sfara”.

With Sfara’s patented technology, industry participants, including auto makers, insurers, fleet operators and families will receive industry-leading crash detection with higher accuracy at speeds never before possible.

This breakthrough also opens entirely new opportunities for First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and white glove customer service. The introduction of ESP further demonstrates Sfara’s culture of continual innovation in on-device smartphone crash detection.

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