We establish relationships with our clients based upon a shared understanding of the effectiveness of clients pre-existing driver and fleet safety management systems and the associated corporate risks.

Our approach is to benchmark our client’s pre-existing systems and arrangements against local legislation and international best practice. The outcomes of our assessment inform leadership teams of the relative strengths and weaknesses of their current systems which, in turn, can inform associated improvement and investment strategies.

We believe that taking a risk-oriented approach is the best way to deliver our clients improved driver and fleet safety outcomes. We operate fully-managed, fully-integrated and multi-lingual driver and fleet safety management services.

The United Nations declare this is the “Decade of Action for Road Safety”.

The MOST dangerous activity an employer typically ever asks an employee to undertake is driving on company business. The European Transport Safety Council estimate that business drivers account for 40% of road deaths across Europe.

Safety conscious and responsible employers worldwide are recognising the substantial benefits in successfully reducing risks faced by employees on the road. Global best practice solutions are being introduced worldwide as a result of significant UK success. Holding the strictest regulations on company drivers, the UK now boasts the safest roads in Europe.

We work with the leadership teams within organizations to ensure that risk mitigation is prioritised over the broader approach. This increased focus ensures that our services are efficient, effective and deliver a positive return on investment: clients typically receive a 30% reduction in incident claims within the first 12 months.


We utilize the long-held, global experience of the ADT Group and the local knowledge of our skilled, international team, along with our specialist alliance partners, to consistently deliver improved driver and fleet safety management outcomes that are aligned to our customers’ expectations and capability.

Our strategy works by analyzing organizational risk factors to better implement worthwhile solutions that effectively manage driver and fleet safety whilst enhancing and developing a healthy, internal safety culture. We know that strong, internal change is necessary to sustainably mitigate the corporate-level risks associated with fleet operations.

Application of this tried and tested strategy achieves:

  • Improved underlying safety culture.
  • Enhanced employee safety and well-being.
  • Improved behavioral choices of drivers.
  • Increased productivity from reduced lost-time injuries, medical treatment and staff absenteeism.
  • Reduced number of vehicle related incidents and associated costs.
  • Reduced cost of vehicle related insurance premiums.
  • Reduced number of vehicle incident compensation claims.
  • Reduced level of administrative and management effort.
  • Protected and enhanced corporate reputation.


The ADT management team has over 50 years’ experience within the fleet safety industry which only benefits our clients. We have helped numerous organizations achieve significant reduction in incidents, and increased driver safety and compliance.

We understand the unique nuances each client requires, giving us increased flexibility to meet your individual needs.

Our experience has been gained within the following sectors:

  • Public sector
  • Private sector
  • Small to medium enterprises
  • Charities
  • National sporting bodies

Evidence of achieved success is established by:

  • Case studies
  • Client testimonials
  • The long-term nature of our client relationships
  • A fast-growing, international client base
  • 100,000 drivers currently under management

ADT has the experience, capability and services to fully support your organization’s driver and fleet safety management needs.


We pride ourselves on our flexible and dynamic approach to corporate driver safety. From hand-selected services to the full ADT package, we are fully capable of meeting your organization’s safety needs.

Our staff, services and alliance partners are committed to developing innovative solutions, consistent with international best practice. We are confident that these measures ensure the most effective range of services available within the international marketplace are delivered our clients.

Our industry leading capability is the combined result of:

  • The experience, knowledge and initiative of our multi-disciplined team of professional, technical and administrative staff whose skills have been developed within the fleet, transport and insurance sectors.
  • Our unique and expanding range of services.
  • Our specialist alliance partners.

Our dedication to enhancing our abilities is seen in our involvement and participation with:

  • Appointed Chair of a series of ETSC seminars to promote the sharing of Best Practice in Global Road Safety.
  • Member of the Brake ‘Global Fleet Champions Steering Group’: the leading safety charity for driver safety.
  • A collaboration with Brake on numerous ventures, including an innovative driver safety research study called ‘Driver Safe’.


The concept of best practice arose in the UK, home of the strictest driver safety legislation. The ADT Group is headquartered in the UK, thriving within the best environment to both understand and leverage the best practice standards of driver and fleet safety management.

Working with our extensive global network of customers, alliance partners and specialist suppliers has enabled us to obtain a depth of understanding around international best practice that is unique with the industry. This knowledge is reflected in our approach, embedded within our services, and is fundamental to our ongoing success in the global marketplace.

European Transport Safety Council

We have been appointed Chair of a series of seminars to promote the sharing of best practice in Global Road Safety at the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC).

Partnered with Brake, the leading international road safety charity, we work closely on numerous ventures, including the innovative driver safety research study, ‘Drive Safe’. An ADT director is also a member of Brake’s ‘Global Fleet Champions Steering Group’.

Driver Management Maturity Index

Our dedication to innovation and best practice is supported by the ongoing investment of our services. Best practice continues to evolve and we are always moving with it. Together with our staff, customers and alliance partners, we are constantly seeking, developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions.


We take Data Protection seriously

Applied Driving Techniques (Global Solutions) Ltd is registered at our headquarters location in the UK with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration reference ZA007952.

We have been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information Security Management Systems), certificate GB17/872658. This is the internationally recognised and accepted best practice standard for data security.



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